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About Us

Church Furnishings Unlimited is a full-service company providing high quality products for Churches, Synagogues, Church Parishes, Worship Centers, Church Family Life Centers, Funeral Homes, Military Chapels, Hospital Chapels and Restaurants.

For 25 years we have provided hundreds of product installations and consultations. We represent artisans and manufacturers of the finest craftsmanship. Our products are made with the highest quality to help you in creating a beautiful yet functional facility.

We can help you with making the right choices. Our years of experience and extensive product offerings confirm our service and ability to help you complete a successful project.

Areas where Church Furnishings Unlimited can help you.

From expansion to re-modeling, we can help you with making the right choices. We are located in the heart of North Carolina, in Winston-Salem, where many furniture and fabric outlets are located. ChurchFurn.com has the connections to help you make the most of your project.

We have an extensive variety of pews, pulpits, chairs and tables for your choir, chapel, sanctuary, fellowship hall, meeting rooms, banquet hall, and educational rooms as well as furnature for restaurants and courthouses.

In the past, churches didn't need furniture very often. Today, with churches that are making the most of their space, they need good, sturdy furniture that looks good, fits into the church's architecture, has a good color scheme, and is comfortable. Church Furnishings Unlimited can help you or your church committee by providing the experience and know-how to help you complete a successful project.


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