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The beauty of your church will be greatly amplified by a uniquely designed fiberglass steeple. Whether you have a traditional or contemporary church building we have several selections for every size, style, and budget. We at Church Furnishings Unlimited always remind churches of the need for a Steeple.

Often times the first indication of a church is seen from afar... the Steeple being the first sight of your facility. Around the world a Steeple is the distinctive sign indicating a place of worship and dignity. We can help you find the steeple best suited for you plus completing the job with delivery and installation. Our steeples range from 15' to 60' and being made with Fiberglass can endure the weather elements for many years. Notice a few of our many selections of steeple styles.

Steeples Gallery
Please call for more information.

Steeples Styles
Lightning cable (04 solid copper) is available upon request; lightning protection is NOT standard.
We suggest speaking with your insurance company for recommendations. S = Square Base, SP = Spire, O = Octagonal Base, KG = Krinklglas Window, L = Louver, G = Gable, C = Cupola

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